Reasons Why Anti Aging Cream works….

What causes Anti Aging and Wrinkle skin?

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Losing collagen as we age consequently is what makes us get wrinkles and sagging skin, and look old before our time.

Collagen is the key factor in maintaining healthy, young looking skin. 

Furthermore by using a cream that boosts your natural collagen and elastin production you are going to reduce and improve signs of aging by strengthening the fibers that hold your skin to gather.

Here are the reason why anti aging cream works…

  • Pentapeptides-  small group of long-chain amino acids that function as chemical messengers throughout the body. Helps the ability to heal wounds by increasing production of collagen. Most of all they include Vitamins and herbs with anti aging potential.
  • Antioxidants- in addition to green tea or vitamin E, also aim to halt the sun damage that threatens collagen, furthermore preventing new wrinkles from forming.
  • Hyaluronic acid- soaks in moisture, which plumps the tissue.
  • Hydroxy Acids- serve as exfoliant, also removing the old skin while new and improved skin can shine.

Try some simple natural anti aging home remedies…

Coconut oil: helps cleanse, moisturize, remove makeup, heal wounds or scars quicker.

creamTea tree oil: working as a natural anti inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti fungal.

Apple cider vinegar: helps to kill pathogens (like bacteria), clearing skin problems caused by gut issues, cleansing the skin and helping to stop acne, plus providing anti fungal properties.

Aloe vera: contains bacteria-fighting, soothing ingredients that fight inflammation, redness and itching.

Lemon essential oil: can be used to diminish acne breakouts caused by high levels of bacteria stuck in pores. It’s also useful for fading scars and age spots, can exfoliate skin, brighten and lighten skin, tone oily skin and fight wrinkles.

===>Finally take action towards younger looking skin…